Important Mended Hearts Update

The Mended Hearts' main priority is to protect our members, visitors, and those patients and families we serve. Therefore, after careful consideration, The Board of Directors for The Mended Hearts, Inc has issued the following temporary policies:

Effectively immediately, all patient and family in-person visits will be temporarily suspended in all chapters and groups across the nation.

Effective immediately, all monthly support, educational meetings, and events will be temporarily suspended in all chapters and groups across the nation.

Hospital Visits

The Mended Hearts Visiting Program
Dedicated to reaching out to heart patients and their families

 Mended Hearts Works Cooperatively with RRMC and Doctors

Working with the blessing and support of the cardiac physicians and staff Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, our visiting volunteers do their part to produce positive patient outcome for heart patients.  The Mended Hearts Visiting Program is staffed by trained, accredited Chapter 137 members who volunteer their time visiting heart patients and their families while in the hospital due to a cardiac event. Visitation by Mended Hearts with patients and their families is voluntary. Patients or family are asked for their consent prior to visitation.  Each of our Visitors is a member of ARRMC Volunteer Services, as well.

We also conduct tours of the ARRMC facility for future patients and their families.  In this way they meet someone who has been through what they are about to experience and is thriving.  That serves the give the patient and family peace about what lies ahead.  Also, filling them in on what to expect eleminates one area of worry.

 What Happens Next?

Patients often have questions concerning “limits and adjustments” to their life following a heart procedure, so they can truly benefit from the support of caring individuals who have traveled the road on which they are about to embark.

Mended Hearts visitors bring personalized support for heart patients facing surgery, and a positive influence in assisting recovering heart patients and their caregivers to establish and maintain realistic post-surgery lifestyle expectations.

This information, freely offered to both patients and caregivers during their hospital stay by our accredited visitors and can provide tremendous relief to ease anxiety and calm frayed nerves that are often present before, during and after a heart procedure.

Mended Hearts Visitors are living examples of survival and recovery.

Our accredited visitors serve heart patients by listening, sharing, and offering compassionate words of hope, comfort and encouragement as experienced-based, caring individuals who have “been there, done that” when it comes to various heart procedures.

Follow-up by Chapter 137

Communication and education are the keys to understanding and establishing lifestyle changes following heart procedures. Our visitors also encourage new heart patients and family members to consider the many benefits of joining Chapter 137 of Mended Hearts for continuing support, education and assistance.