We are always looking to grow our family, Mended Hearts welcomes you to join our cause. You‘ll be able to make a difference in a patient’s recovery and outlook on life, as well as interact with other members through local chapter meetings, volunteer opportunities and special events.

How You Can Join Mended Hearts

It’s easy to join. Simply choose one of two ways:

1. To become a local member, Fill out and return the Member Enrollment Form.  Return the enrollment form to the address on the right of the form.

2. To become a member-at-large, fill out our online application. You can also print it out and fax it to 214-295-9552.

Membership fees are only $30.00 per person or $42.00 per family. Mended Hearts also offers a lifetime individual membership for $200 or a lifetime family membership for $270. The Membership fees include the local chapters dues of $10.00 per person or $12.00 per family.

Mended Hearts membership entitles you to:




Receive Heartbeat magazine



Participate in chapter/group meetings



Participate in visiting programs



Access private “Members” Web site



Most important, your membership helps ensure that many other heart disease patients and families receive the support and encouragement they need.

Types of Programs

As a member of Mended Hearts, you can begin reaching out to others through one of our programs:

Visiting Program – Reaching out with the support of local hospitals, trained volunteers serve heart patients by listening, sharing their own experiences, answering questions and empathizing with the anxiety and concern of patients and their families. Annually, volunteers make 200,000 visits to patients, family members and caregivers in hospitals, online and by phone.

Group Meetings – Many chapters offer regular group meetings where heart patients and families receive support in coping with the strong emotions that often accompany diagnosis, treatment or surgery for heart disease. Learning to understand and express their shock, disbelief, anger or frustration is an important step in the patients’ recovery process, and the supportive environment of group meetings provides a forum for these discussions. Chapters also invite healthcare professionals to present valuable information and answer questions.

Internet Visiting Program – Heart patients and Mended Hearts members are now linked over the World Wide Web! Trained volunteers communicate with heart patients through the Internet, using this technology to offer support, answer questions and help them locate resources. Email support@mendedhearts.org for online support.

1-888 HEART99 – A Mended Hearts operator will direct you to your local chapter representatives. Trained volunteers are here to help answer questions and concerns that you may have about heart disease diagnosis and treatment.

Generational Outreach Programs Mended Little Hearts is designed to provide support and encouragement to parents of children born with congenital heart defects and heart disease. Individual chapters are also looking at creative ways to reach patients of all ages.