Upcoming Events

The topic for our May 21 meeting will be "Teaching patients before and after surgery – Brenden Jones, RN".

The public is invited to attend our meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm in the Smullin Center on the Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center campus. As always, there will be refreshments and a great opportunity to share.

We hope you will be there to receive support and education.


Hospital Visits

Working with the blessing and support of the cardiac physicians and staff of Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, our visiting volunteers do their part to produce positive patient outcome for heart patients.



We provide a list of Cardio Rehab locations in the area, our chapter's monthly newsletter Ticker Topics, with information about upcoming events, news and interesting tidbits, as well as links to previous editions of Mended Heart's Heartbeat Magazine.


Mended Hearts Chapter 137

The purpose of Mended Hearts is to offer help, support, and encouragement to heart disease patients and their families. The ways the organization achieves these objectives are as follows. 

    With physician and hospital approval, visit recovering heart patients while in the hospital to offer encouragement, information and support to patients their families and caregivers.

    Distribute heart care educational information to members of Mended Hearts and to heart disease patients, their families and caregivers, and the general public.

    Partner with physicians, nurses, medical professionals and health care organizations in their ongoing support work with heart disease patients and their families.

    Cooperate with other organizations in education and research activities pertaining to heart disease.

    Assist established heart disease rehabilitation programs for members and their families.

    Plan and conduct regular programs of educational and social interest for members, patients and the general public.

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Inspire Provides A Community of Support for Those Coping with Heart Disease and Congenital Heart Defects

Mended Hearts is pleased to announce our new online support community,  Inspire. It is a place of peace, laughter, hope, advice and comfort for patients, caregivers and friends looking for ways to better understand the impact of heart disease and congenital heart defects. We invite you to join us on Inspire, where you can be connected to hundreds of other people experiencing similar situations and emotions. The Mended Hearts Inspire site is a secure, moderated forum where topics like "heart disease and stroke,", "atrial fibrillation," or "congenital heart defects" are frequently discussed.